To be fashion trends

Fashion can carry different points of view depending on the field of study. For instance, fashion marketing, fashion clothing among other factors can all be used to describe the essence of fashion. While we can diversify ourselves on this topic by expanding it further, you will realize that the best way to understand fashion is simply to relate it with dress codes and how the world of celebrities has influenced the way people to perceive fashion. The way people dressed back in the 1960s and 1970s may never return, however, the modification of that trend can be done such that it still portrays culture and fashion during that time, while at the same time blending with today’s practices. Fashion is a way of promoting beauty and exquisite façade in a way other society based practices may not be able to reach to. For instance, if a film wants to depict the American Revolution war, they will have to marry the culture in 1776 and employ it in their scripts.

Without fashion, we may not be able to understand how people in the past dressed or even how the time changes with technology. Fashion isn’t a basis of clothing only, back in 1970s to 80s, people men had a tendency of keeping their hair long, a trend known as a fro by then, however, this trend will soon change, and now people have new hairstyles with a few employing the 80s trend. Fashion trends unlike other practices can never remain the same. This is because everything has done these days can trigger the way people behave, and that is a change in fashion. For example, celebrities who have appeared in various films wearing various hairstyles and clothing are bringing change. It is not a wonder to hear someone mention that he or she wants to appear like a particular celebrity when they visit the barber shops or the salons respectively. When 21st centuries came knocking, we were introduced to an entirely new culture, young girls and ladies adapted the use of miniskirts, a transition that also came with the issuance of women dressing in long pants also known as trousers.

All this is because of fashion, but who made this happen? Well, it could have been the film industry, the music industry or the entire celebrity field. The debut of all clothing, hairstyles and the way to clad can be identified on different levels and hence connected to fashion; however, did you know that without creativity and culture, fashion may never have existed? Although in the past fashion was a sense of emergency, these days’ people are going to colleges to study fashion in both marketing, and the creativity part where coming up with something new is a necessity as well as design. To open up or start clothing and shoes line for either women or men mean that you already know what each of those wants. In other words, you need to be able to understand what a modern man would want and update with fashion trends at the same time.

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