How Much Traffic can you get with free advertising?

Free advertising has become a rage these days because of the increasing number of new websites in the virtual world. There are some websites, which even offer to make payments for visiting websites! Websites offering no-cost advertising need you to register first and then post an ad promoting your website and the thing it offers. The ad must meet their terms or conditions or these websites will remove your ad without any warning. There are always some disadvantages of free services and this is just one of them. You cannot post anything you like. You also need to spend a lot of time because you need to keep your ad updated and on the top of other such ads at all times. Some of these sites also allow you to post ads for multiple websites. However, the real question is that whether these free advertising websites work in getting the traffic to your website or not.

Do free classified ads work?

The answer can be tricky because it consists of both yes and no. It is a yes because you succeed in posting your ad and making it visible to thousands of people. The answer is no because your targeted traffic may not be coming to these free advertising websites at all! In addition, another thing is that just because visitors are coming to your websites does not mean that they are actually interested in what you are offering to them. Most of them are just casual visitors who do not spend more than a few seconds at each website. If you have a shopping website then you will get more time from your visitors but that does not necessarily translate into sales.

Does article marketing work?

If you are into article marketing as a method of free advertising, then you have the chance of getting many visitors. Whatever you write in the article should be somewhat related to what you are offering in your website. If your article is interesting, then it will prompt people to click on the links embedded in your article and visit your website. This method works very well if your articles are highly researched and read well. Nobody would want to read a boring article leave alone click on the links. Therefore, the answer to whether this method of free advertising works is also both yes and no. It is a yes if your articles succeed in sending many people to your website and a no because they may fail to get any readers at the first place.

Do free e-books works?

Free e-books that can be downloaded from your website also work well in increasing the traffic. Your e-book needs to have more images than text because people are most attracted to pictures first. If you have a website focusing on health and nutrition, then a free e-book on a related topic will work very well. This is a very effective way of getting people onto your website because everybody loves free stuff. As mentioned above, the quality of your e-book needs to be good enough so that people download it. Free advertising works if you know how to make it work.




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